Meenakari or Minakari or Mina work or Enamel work is a unique art which requires expertise and is mostly done in Rajasthan & few parts of northern India.

Since this is a hereditary craft so only traditional artisans can do it outsiders are rarely allowed to know the secrets of this craft. The process of meenakari is long & complex includes many experts to complete it.

Minakari is done on thin sheets of silver, brass, copper, aluminium & is also gold jewellery.  

The artisans engrave the surface of the metal sheet with designs using a metal stylus.  Then the colors are applied into the grooves. To achieve distinctive colors, artisans use glass powder & various mineral oxides to add a shade to the metal. The object has to be fired as many times as the number of colors used, to let the liquid spread equally into the groove. The average firing temperature is about 850 degrees celsius.

 Once all the colors are filled in and fired, the object is cooled and burnished with agate and the finishing is completed.