Bandhani or Bandhej is traditional textile printing technique which is crafted in remote villages of the Rajasthan (India) & few other parts of western India.  

Bandhani is Hindi word which means tying up, is an ancient art of tie & dye of textile.  Usually women do the work of tying while the men are assigned to dye the cloth. In this process the craftswoman with the help of a spiked finger ring, pushes the cloth upward from below to make a tiny peak. The tip of the cloth peak is then wrapped with a fine cotton thread to create a small dot open to get dyed. One by one craftswoman ties up all the dots of the design on the cloth.

After tying is completed, the dye artisan gently dips the cloth in natural color. The tied cloth remains dry retaining its original color while the other part of the cloth is dyed. This process is repeated several times to bring yet another contrast in color. The triumph of expert craftsmanship is results into a variety of symbols like, dots, small squares, strips & waves.