About Us

Our company Hemshri International is working since 2007 to bring the art of the Indian Craftsman to the world from Jodhpur, Rajasthan India.

 Every part of India carries its own unique traditional art & crafts. Mostly artisans in villages are indulged in making craft items since hundreds of years, but due to change in scenario & machine made items, these artisans are now facing difficulty to sustain with their art. Mostly have changes their line of work; consequently the craftsmanship is on the edge of extinction in many villages.

We are working for only those handmade items, which can keep the craftsmanship as long as we could and providing the taste of India around the world.

We can produce custom-made design as per the specifications and Handicraft items can also be customized and prepared as per the buyer’s requirement that bear an unmistakable mark of individuality and fineness.

Our strict quality control measures have allowed it to ensure the quality of the products for our customers that have made its customers ecstatic year after year. From among our staff, we have the best artisans, working round the clock to develop products that are standing competition in the export market.

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